Who we’ve worked for

Past assignments

I interpret at more than 40 events per year myself – in English, French and German. These are some of the key events I’ve worked at and/or organised in recent years. On the left, you’ll also find samples of my interpreting and my voice.

Interpreting samples

English statement

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the US-Senate on April 10, 2018

English speech

Extract from Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia on 28 July 2016:

French interview

Interview with French singer Nolwenn Leroy
on the “Morgenmagazin” breakfast TV show on 12 April 2012.

French TV debate

Televised debate between Ségolène Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy during the French presidential election campaign, 2 May 2007

Ms Royal’s German voice: Britta Klapproth, Mr Sarkozy’s German voice: Frank Deja

Voice samples

German voice sample

Britta Klapproth’s voice in German:

(Extract from “Max und Moritz”by Wilhelm Busch)

English voice sample

Britta Klapproth’s voice in English:

(Poem from “Four weddings and a funeral”)

French voice sample

Britta Klapproth’s voice in French:

(Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, Paris 1789)


Virtuelles Kick-Off 2023, Ecolab Schweiz

10th anniversary Celebration Adult Education Academy, Neubaukirche Würzburg

Meeting of the Signatories of the MoU Sharks, Bonn

Delegation of farmers from Burkina Faso, Westfalia


Spielmacher-Conference, Cologne Flora

World Uighur Forum, Brussels

Hybrid annual kickoff in five languages of Vita Zahnfabrik

Hybrid symposium in 4 languages of the German Muslim Council on the radicalisation of young people, Cologne


Scientific Council and Standing Committee meetings of the UN-Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild animals (CMS), Bonn

Annual Mecila-Meeting, University of Cologne


beyondwork 2020, European Conference on Labour Research, Bonn

Virtual Workshop “Municipal Climate Partnership between Kedougou/Senegal and Passau/Germany”


European Workers‘ Forum Modine, Verona

International Forum on “Modern Occupational Safety and Health Organisation“, Trier

Pre-COP Meeting UN-CMS, Bonn

Signing ceremony of the Franco-German Aachen Treaty, Aachen

IDS-Pre-meeting of VITA Zahnfabrik, Cologne


International Sales Conference at Oventrop, Olsberg

Delegation of the German Petitions Committee, Brussels


UN-Scientific Council for the Convention on the Conservation of migratory species of wild species, Bonn

Town Hall Meeting at Striko Westofen, Gummersbach

Creativity workshop at SPIE, Ratingen

Christmas Gala at Kienbaum Consultants International, Köln

Benteler executive conference, Winterberg


Deutscher Bundestag visit to Morocco and Mauritania

Information event for newly appointed professors, Cologne University

DAASM Symposium on athletic training, Cologne

Assignment in Chad with a high-ranking politician

German-Moroccan Forum Business and Skills, Dusseldorf

EHI Retail Design Conference, Cologne

EHI Technology conference, Bonn

German-Franco forum, “The best of friends”, Bonn


Modine European employees’ forum, Neuenkirchen

Unesco World Heritage Committee session, Bonn

4th University Conference IAG, Dresden


Hoesch Bausysteme sales meeting, Kreuztal

20th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, Frankfurt

Keel-laying and undocking of naval vessels, Kiel


Panel discussion on“50th anniversary of Moroccan migration in Germany », Dusseldorf

User training course for “Rhenus Lub” lubricants, Mönchengladbach

EHI Shopping Center Congress, Cologne


SBH Tiefbautechnik international sales meeting, Kasteel Daelenbroeck

Conference on“40 years of post-occupational health surveillance, Dresden

Teacher conference on female genital mutilation, Düsseldorf

5th SAP International Users’ Conference, Dresden, on“Forecasting and replenishment in retail”


European Forum of Insurances against Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases, Dresden


FressnapfAcademy conference, France

E-commerce Strategy Conference, Berlin

Panel discussion in the “Domforum” with Philippe Chaix of JSWD Architekten on the subject of Cologne’s opera quarter

“Cities in Balance” conference, EU-INTERREGProject, Leverkusen


WHO Strategy Conference, Dresden

Unesco-World Conference on Education for Sustainability, Bonn

ArcelorMittal and IG Metall conference, Dusseldorf

Diabetes symposium, Leverkusen


Congress on palliative medicine, Unna

2007 and earlier

2007 Televised debate between Royal and Sarkozy (audio sample on the left)

2007 Annual Congress on Logistics, Cologne

2007 Multidisciplinary panel discussion on knee arthritis, Bonn

2007 Closing Conference “Cities regain identity and image” in Hagen

2006 Global Retail Technology Forum in Dusseldorf

2006 European food retail conference, Hotel Marriott Köln, Cologne

2005 German Traffic Safety Council conference, Dresden

2005 Cards Congress, European Retail Institute EHI, Cologne

2004 German-Swedish dialogue on education, FriedrichEbert Foundation, Swedish Embassy, Berlin

2004 WorkingonSafety.net,German federation of institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention (HVBG), Dresden

2003 European Conference on Asbestos, EUCommission, ILO, Dresden

2003 International ISSA Symposium “Health at the workplace – The example of chemical riskʺ, Athens

2001 First Euroshnet Conference, Dresden

2001/2003 Safety of Industrial Automated Systems, Bonn and Nancy

1998 International Fall Protection Seminar, Wuppertal

1995 International Social Security Association (ISSA) Symposium, Bonn

Since 1990 Assignments for CEN technical committees TC 160and 162 plus TC 151