Where we work

Conferences, negotiations and meetings – in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe and Africa

Interpreters are team players – be it two in an interpreting booth or a team of 30 simultaneous interpreters, translators and sign language interpreters at a world congress with plenary and breakout sessions. We put together the perfect team for your scenario, depending on the language, subject and venue, along with a partner firm to supply the technical equipment.

The advantage for you is that you only have one service provider to deal with – we coordinate everyone involved and ensure smooth communication prior to and during the event.

Not sure whether to stage your event on your own premises or at a hotel or conference centre? Ask us – you’ll be amazed how little space an interpreting booth requires.

I myself am based in Cologne but I work all over Germany – and in other countries in Europe and North Africa.

Here are a few examples of the type of event for which I regularly provide interpreting services:

  • Meeting of supervisory boards and their committees
  • Contract negotiations
  • Software courses
  • Press conferences
  • European works council meetings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Sales meetings
  • Political television debates
  • Conferences, congresses and other large-scale events
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